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Antaisolar is one of the largest photovoltaic mounting systems providers in China. Since 2009, they have specialised in providing solutions for installing solar photovoltaic systems. They develop and produce solid mounting systems easily fitted to all types of roof and ground systems. With the extensive know-how, they accomplished large scale projects in the megawatt range at international levels. Photovoltaic installations (which last over decades) in locations where wind and weather pose challenges, solid reliability is essential. Their quality, lightweight, and durable mounting systems provide photovoltaic modules with the best support against the force of nature.

Based on the mission of “creating a low carbon world” Antaisolar has been continuously optimising and advancing the global service by setting up branches and offices in Japan, Australia, Shanghai, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, and other countries. And their three major manufacturing plants are in Fujian, Jiangsu, and Hebei. As of the end of 2019, their cumulative solar racking shipments have reached nearly 10.8 GW and ranked No.1 of export volume to Japan for many years and ranked the top 1 in the Australian distribution market.


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